No matter what stages of life we are in, there ought to be moments where Gifts of Love are given to closed ones...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Wedding - 2010

I got married last year, 11th July 2010. Most of my close friends know that I love cross stitching so much.  I received two very lovely stitched pillows and a stitched frame from my friends and family. I know every stitch counts. They have put in lots of love in stitching them.

From my fellow colleagues from MR- BengLay, CheeHuey, May, SiewYee, Tze Chin & Darrel

From my best mate- Geok Siew

From my god sister-Connie

I love you guys!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Provence 4 - Archway

Provence 4 - Archway by Michael Powell

My dear chose this project because of it sketchy feel. He chose it, but I would have to stitch for him. However, it's worth stitching as the colours are very vibrant.

This is a very difficult project. You have to stitch every single Aida block.

This is being put up in my parents in law house. It's an awesome piece.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kiss The Cook

Kiss The Cook, by Lynn Waters Busa

This is my very first cross stitch project - Kiss The Cook. I made this for my mum. I took 3 months just to complete it. However, I felt very satisfied looking at the completed project. It was even published in the Cross Stitcher Magazine- Issue 229.